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Carers come in all shapes and sizes, it could be a wife caring for her husband; a husband caring for his wife; parents caring for an adult child with physical and/or mental illness; adult children caring for one or both parents, grandparents or other older relative; adult sibling caring for one another following the death of their parents and as we see more and more, older couples mutually caring for each other with often complex physical and mental conditions. 


A carer can be someone who looks in on an elderly neighbour once a day, or someone who is carrying out intensive 24 hour a day support.  Caring can be short-term, where the person being cared for is recovering from an illness or injury, sporadic, where the effects of a condition can change the level of caring and support required such as long-term mental illness, or long-term – this could be caring for someone with a life-limiting condition or a condition which becomes progressively worse over time. 


Carers Northumberland is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of carers by responding to the needs of carers, informing carers of their rights and entitlements, supporting carers to access help for the person they care for, reducing the social isolation that so many carers feel and empowering carers to have a voice.

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