You may look after a husband, wife, partner, child, parent, another relative or a neighbour or friend. You probably don’t stop to think about yourself while you're so busy every day.

You are not alone. There are an estimated 35,500 carers living in Northumberland.

Carers Northumberland is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of carers by responding to the needs of carers, informing carers of their rights and entitlements, supporting carers to access help for the person they care for, reducing the social isolation that so many carers feel and empowering carers to have a voice.

Latest News

  • Therapies for Carers

    • Wednesday, 22nd August 2018

    If you are an unpaid carer looking after a family member you are invited to join our Therapy for Carers project.  We are running three trial events specifically for carers to enjoy some relaxation, pampering and timeout.   The project is being run through the Let’s Get Together programme organised...

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