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Carers Northumberland provides a range of support to carers, regardless of the circumstances in which they care, and is able to work alongside Care Managers to respond to a Carers Needs Assessment, offering information and services to improve outcomes for carers.

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Last Updated: 16th June 2020

Carers Emergency Card

The Carers Emergency Card is available to carers registered with Carers Northumberland, and offers peace of mind that, should something unexpected happen to prevent you being with the person you care for, temporary support can be put in place until longer term arrangements are possible.

By deciding in advance what you and the person you care for would like to happen, you can ensure a speedy response if you’re taken ill, the car breaks down or something else gets in the way of you being there when you need to be.

Carers Northumberland works with the British Red Cross to administer this free card. Download the information and application form today, and register with Carers Northumberland if you haven’t already.

Carers Support Fund

Research has shown that regular access to short breaks can help carers continue to provide care for longer, offering time to themselves and the opportunity to recharge their batteries.

Recognising that family finances can often make it difficult for carers to do this, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust – Adult Services makes money available from the Carers Grant to be paid directly to adult carers of adults to help them take a break: the Carers Support Fund is available to carers registered with Carers Northumberland.

Accessing the Fund involves completing a short application form, and results in an award of £25-150, depending on the carer’s circumstances. The money must be spent on the carer, but can be used in whatever way offers the best break. Carers have used it to pay for gym memberships, buy hobby equipment, visit friends and much more.

If you would like to apply please call us on 01670 320025

A similar fund exists for young carers under 18.

Meeting Other Carers

Carers Northumberland offers a range of opportunities for carers to meet other carers, locally and countywide, helping you build networks of support and friendship. This includes regular support group meetings and one-off events.


As a carer, you need a wide range of skills to help you in your role. Carers Northumberland works with a number of different specialist organisations to ensure carers have access to training and support to help them develop confidence in their abilities as a carer, and to maintain a life of their own alongside their caring responsibilities.

Speak to your Carer Support Worker about what training you might like.

Registering With Carers Northumberland

Registering with Carers Northumberland is free, and can be done online or by post/phone. Complete and submit/return the registration form (download + online) to be entered onto our database, which will ensure you receive newsletters and other regular mailings about information and events of use to you.

Northumberland Family and Friends Carers Guide

The Northumberland Family and Friends Carers Guide offers useful information to help you think about your life as a carer, and can help you prepare for a Carers Needs Assessment. Copies are available from Carers Northumberland, your Care Manager or GP Practice.

Carer Support Groups

Carers Northumberland has a programme of monthly support group meetings around the county, offering carers the opportunity of a short break from their caring responsibilities and time to meet other carers who understand how caring impacts on their lives. You can find up and coming events in our event calendar.