Carers Northumberland can help you support carers more effectively, by providing information, advice, signposting and support services that meet the needs of carers in the county. You can refer a carer to us by telephone, email or post, using our registration card, or encourage them to contact us directly to register.

Carers know and understand the person they care for well, and can offer insight into how they manage their condition or circumstances, often recognising minute changes in behaviour or action that indicate a change in the condition or reactions to medication, for example.

However, many carers don’t recognise themselves as such, seeing themselves as the spouse, child, parent, other relative or friend, rather than a carer. This means helping them view their relationship with the person they care for in a very different way, and encouraging them to recognise the benefits of doing so: balancing their role as a carer with their own needs and aspirations, maintaining a life of their own alongside caring, looking after their own health and wellbeing etc.

Our Information Line is available from Monday-Friday,taking calls from carers, family members and professionals and able to research and respond to specific queries relating to individual carer issues.