We can support carers whose circumstances have changed and now wish to find or return to paid employment.

If you have been out of the workplace for a while, you may lack confidence about what sort of personal and practical skills you could offer a prospective employer. It is important to recognise and value the skills that you have developed through caring, for example, you are likely to be organised, assertive, patient. These skills will be relevant, useful and desirable to many employers.

You may wish to go back into the type of work you were familiar with in the past or feel that this is an opportunity to look for something different. Take some time to explore a range of options and consider all the personal and practical skills and attributes you have to offer.

We can support you if you wish to find or return to work by helping you explore the options available to you and identify relevant skills that you have. We can also signpost you to other organisations offering more specialist support.

If you need help to write your CV we can provide useful information and may be able to help you access training or practical support through other organisations we are working with.

Changes in your work pattern and income may impact upon benefits that you receive or are eligible to claim. Contact our Information Service to find out more.

If you are a carer and would like to find or return to work, contact our information service on 01670 320025 or info@carersnorthumberland.org.uk