Carer Training

Carer Training

Carers Northumberland, deliver training sessions to Carers Throughout Northumberland. If you are interested in any of our training sessions please give us a call on 01670 320025. 

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  • Caring with Confidence sessions

    Caring with Confidence sessions

    A 6 week course (but you don't have to do all 6 weeks)  for carers that has now been offered in 4 different locations in the county. Each of the 6 sessions covers a different aspect of caring.

  • Guilty or not guilty

    Guilty or not guilty

    A 2 hour session which explores how to acknowledge and manage the feelings of guilt that carers so often say they experience – guilt when they do or say something, or guilt if they don’t!  This workshop also touches on dealing with the guilt that the cared for person might also say they feel for causing the caring situation. The session cannot take the guilt feelings away but being able to express and discuss concerns in a supportive setting can help.  

  • Good Life, Good Death:

    Good Life, Good Death:

    A 2 hour workshop which is designed to help carers plan ahead to manage the practical and emotional aspects of issues surrounding death and dying. This session includes addressing the conversations that people often find difficult to consider as well as what organisational or paperwork elements can help to smooth the final decisions. How much better it is to have everything in place and know someone’s wishes than to leave everything to chance and possible confusion. You can come for yourself or to help conversations with the person you care for.  

  • How to Say No

    How to Say No

    Carers have a right to say no but we all understand how difficult it can be to do so. This 2 hour workshop aims to look at communication issues that often arise through caring, whether it is communication with the cared for person or family members or with professionals. Sometimes, just being more confident about how to communicate with someone can make a big difference to the outcomes of a difficult conversation. 

  • Caring and Coping Day

    Caring and Coping Day

    A session which has developed from the longer Caring with Confidence course in response to carer requests for more support on juggling caring responsibilities with personal stress. This 2 hour workshop looks at managing specific elements of caring such as dealing with medication and identifying stress factors and symptoms. It aims to support carers in sharing  experiences and offer a few possible coping mechanisms to take away.