• Sharon Spurling

    Sharon Spurling

    Chief Executive

    Based in Ashington Office

    T: 01670 320021

  • Mary Hull

    Mary Hull

    Carer Support Manager

    Based in Hexham Office

    Co-ordination of carer support activity countywide

    T: 01434 267000

  • Debra Blakey

    Debra Blakey

    Business Manager

    Based in Ashington Office

    T: 01670 320018

  • Anne-Marie Johnstone

    Anne-Marie Johnstone

    Information Officer

    Based in Ashington Office

    Development and maintenance of information for and about carers

    T: 01670 320025 (Information Line)

  • Mark Robertson

    Mark Robertson

    Project Officer – GP Support

    Based in Ashington Office

    Enabling carer identification and support through GP practice engagement

    T: 01670 320026

  • Kate Whitehead

    Kate Whitehead

    Project Officer – Working Carers

    Based in Belford Office

    Information and support for working carers and employers

    T: 01668 932009

  • Gail Purvis

    Gail Purvis

    Project Officer - Carer Support

    Based in Ashington Office

    Enabling development of carer support

    T: 01670 320024

  • Pauline Appleby

    Pauline Appleby

    Carer Support Worker – West

    Based in Hexham Office

    Supporting carers in the west of the county

    T: 01434 267002

  • Margaret Todd

    Margaret Todd

    Carer Support Worker – North

    Based in Belford Office

    Supporting carers in the north of the county

    T: 01668 932009

  • Sarah Long

    Sarah Long

    Carers Support Worker - South

    Ashington Office

    Supporting Carers in the South East & Central of the County

    T: 01670 320019


  • Dorinda Jack

    Dorinda Jack

    Chair of Trustees


  • Stan Cooke MBE

    Stan Cooke MBE

    Carer Involvement

  • Angela De’Travernent

    Angela De’Travernent


  • Anne Arter

    Anne Arter


  • Julie Birkin-Nicholl

    Julie Birkin-Nicholl


  • Richard Tomlin

    Richard Tomlin


  • Mhairi Derby-Pitt

    Mhairi Derby-Pitt


  • Garry Newman

    Garry Newman


Advisors To The Board

  • Michele O’Brien

    Michele O’Brien

    Carers and Partnerships Officer

    Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust – Adult Services

  • Tony McAnelly

    Tony McAnelly

    Carers Officer

    NTW NHS Trust

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